Meet The Team


Angelica grew up in Perth, but has been living in Melbourne since 2015. Her love of tattooing started early as a teenager when she began to accumulate her own collection. When not at the shop, she enjoys being outdoors, surrounded by nature whether that is the forest, sand, or sun. Her future goals include learning how to ride and getting her motorbike license, as well as travelling as much as she can, before she gets too settled down with her cat Sabbath.


Andre has always been a local, growing up in Jordanville / Chadstone, in the commission areas as a youth. He has worn many hats, with everything from Truck Driver, Butcher, and now a professional boxer. Hobbies include staying fit and racing cars, although you will find him building just about anything he can from Choppers to Chevy’s. Andre is passionate and dedicated about his fighting/boxing and of course the tattoo shop, including each individual that makes up the team. His main passion however, lays with his children. In the future he hopes for the shop to keep pumping, his kids to stay healthy, happy, and to be enjoying an early retirement sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere.


Caen was born and raised in WA, but now calls Melbourne home. Apart from being a great tattooist, Caen is a Boston terrier enthusiast, loves long walks along the beach, and despite his job, is a closeted romantic.


Anna was born and raised in Berlin Germany, but now calls Melbourne home. Starting off in a background in hair styling and make up, she spent eight years travelling the world before falling in love with Australia.


Originally from the sunshine state, Lenny has come a long way from his early days of the hot sun and physical labour. Lenny has been part of the furniture at MMI since the early days and hopes to live a drama free, simple life where he gets to spend time with friends and family and can fish every single day.


Chris is originally from Geelong, and has been in the industry since early 2011. Chris hopes to stay in this industry as long as possible, only to eventually slow down, enjoy life and go fishing.


Brad is originally from NZ and moved to Australia in 2015. Brad has a love for art and has just recently started an apprenticeship with us. Building a great name for himself in the industry, this polite gentleman has the time to sit down to help you design your next tattoo.


A born and raised local, Marcus has been tattooing for over two years. After spending a number of years travelling, he found that his creative passion had now gone beyond painting commissioned murals and into tattooing.